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The Three Passions of Eleny Ginn

Eleny Ginn’s three passions – fashion, world travel and art – infuse every woman’s clothing design she creates. As a girl growing up in Cartageña, Colombia, and later attending a Bogotá marketing & advertising program, Eleny became inspired by her surroundings. Eleny’s three passions and her aspirations as a fashion designer drew her to New York City, where she now resides.

Architecture as Inspiration for Women’s Fashion?

Since Eleny’s designs are inspired by her surroundings, she changes her surroundings when it’s time to create, and the aspects of travel destinations – like Les Art Décoratifs Museum in Paris, and the Negev desert in Israel – that inspire her are extraordinary. Eleny says, “Every city or place in the world has a story to tell…” For Eleny Ginn, that story is told through art forms like sculpture, and even architecture! “I am inspired by the distinguishing patterns and colors of the local buildings’ exterior decoration in the places I visit,” Eleny says. Finding inspiration for her designs in various media, in different places, makes each of Eleny’s designs distinctive.